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Long Beach Longevity: Venerable Venues That Pre-Date Craft


Arguably, until better beer bars like the Factory Gastrobar and Congregation Ale House, as well as the world-class Beachwood BBQ and Brewing brewpub, opened their respective doors in the last several years, the city of Long Beach was not really considered much of a craft beer destination. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a beer scene there.

PHOTOS: International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day at Angry Horse Brewing

DSC 8315

On International Women’s Day, March 8, hundreds of female brewers gathered around kettles in brewhouses worldwide to craft the same session pale ale, Unite. Organized by the Pink Boots Society—an organization known for its endless support of women in craft beer­—International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day was celebrated locally at Golden Rad Brewing, Anaheim Brewing and at Angry Horse Brewing, located at the home of Yeastside Homebrew Club members Louis and Gayle Michel in Montebello.

ROB CROXALL of El Segundo Brewing Company

RobESBCTriptych WEB

Not only has Rob Croxall, head brewer and owner of El Segundo Brewing Company, opened up his own brewery, but he is making some of the best hoppy beers in Greater LA. Focusing mainly on bitter pale ales, hoppy IPAs and dry stouts, El Segundo has been one of the early breweries helping put the South Bay on the craft beer map. Beer Paper LA’s Rob Wallace got to chat with Croxall about home brewing, business in the South Bay, and how having kids changes you priorities.

Golden Road Targets Crossover Market with New Craft Lager

329lager web

Los Angeles has nearly always been a lager beer town and when Golden Road’s sales team saw this giant segment of market going largely untapped by local brewers, they engineered 329 Days of Sun Lager to wedge into this market without compromising flavor.

Veteran and Newcomer Southland Breweries Win At 2014 World Beer Cup

tapsWBCwins2014Seven craft breweries from the greater Los Angeles region took home eight awards from the 2014 World Beer Cup in Denver this past weekend, bringing deserved recognition to not only the area's seasoned winners, but also several newcomers who entered the international competition for the first time.

VICTOR(IOUS)!: TAPS Fish House and Brewery Brewmaster Victor Novak is Fierce Competition

Wednesday, 8:11 P.M. Linbrook Bowl, Anaheim CA. Interviewee: Victor Novak, Brewmaster, TAPS Fish House and Brewery. Novak’s European-style beers seem to strike a pose in the glass and tell a story, not only about flavors and aromas, but about the people and cultures that first brewed and enjoyed them. But why would anyone on the West 
Coast focus on delicate European beers…and do it so well?

Interview: Ryan Sweeney of Verdugo Bar, Surly Goat, Little Bear & More


Beer Paper LA’s Rob Wallace chatted with Ryan Sweeney about the early days of getting craft beer into his bars, the explosion of craft beer and his plans for the future.

State of the Cask Ale: A Modern Take on “Real” Tradition

Cask ale, once the purview of stodgy british expatriates and traditionalists, has been growing in popularity, especially in the Southland. But instead of the classic casks of subtle and soft session brews coaxed into a state of balance by attentive publicans, the casks being tapped with increasing frequency around LA and OC are bold and inventive experiments.

Beer of the Loom: Inglewood’s First Brewery primed for success with Business Savvy Weaver

LynneandAlex01 web

Starting a brewery and launching a successful brand is a task that requires resourcefulness, patience, perfect planning, and a little luck. Lynne Weaver, the founder of Three Weavers Brewing Company, knows all of these things and more. The homebrewer and business owner has been planning her brewery project for a little over a year now, and she recently teamed up with all-star GABF medal winning brewer Alexandra Nowell—who previously worked at Drake’s Brewing and Kinetic Brewing—to help bring her dream to fruition.

True To Their Roots: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery's Six Years of Community and Growth in the Inland Empire


There’s a story that’s circulated in many an Inland Empire paper: It was 2008, when Ben Cook opened the doors to his aviation-themed brewery after the pilot began sharing his brews with his buddies after a round of flying. The guys would all hang at his friend’s hangar, number 24.

Brewbies to Save Boobies - The Noble Quest of Melanie Pierce

On Saturday, March 1, this year’s Brewbies festival, bigger and better than ever, will be hosted by Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside.

Ladyface's Cyrena Nouzille Elected to Brewers Association Board

Cyrena Nouzille, co-founder of Ladyface Ale Companie, is the newest member of the national Brewers Association’s Board of Directors, Chairman Sam Calagione, announced in January.

City Tavern Makes Downtown Debut February 4


City of LA’s Oldest Craft Beer Turns Four

IBUs and ABVs seem to be constantly edging upwards for LA’s most popular craft beer, but I think one of the best brewed-in-LA craft brews is also one of it’s lightest and lowest-in-alcohol. It’s also one of the first craft beers made in LA since the brewpub bubble burst in the Nineties: Eagle Rock Brewery’s flagship beer, Solidarity.

5 Reasons You Should Homebrew

Not every beer drinker homebrews. But they should. At least once.

TAPS Shows its Fall Colors

Greg Nagel of OC Beer Blog, recently attended the Annual Autumn Beer Dinner at TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea. Beer Paper LA is happy to present his review of the event.

Como Disfrutar de la Cerveza Artesanal (A Baja Craft Beer Primer)

In recoginition of this Saturday's Beer Fest Artesanal in Mexicali and the arrival of distribution of Cerveza Cucapa and Ensenada Brewing Co. in the Southland market, Sarah Bennett gives us a primer on the exploding Baja California craft beer scene. 

New Southland Breweries Get Back on Track After Government Shutdown

Earlier this month, while those jerks up on Capitol Hill were busy not agreeing on a budget for the federal government, agencies countrywide took a 17-day furlough, including one of the most important for craft beer fans--the TTB. Don't believe the sensationalist headlines, though. The reality was bad, but it wasn't that bad. And it's even less bad now that the government returned to work on October 17. Check out our roundup of the affected area breweries and where they are at now that the shutdown is over.

5 Southland Breweries Win Medals at GABF, Including Mid-Size Brewpub of the Year Honors for Beachwod BBQ

Photo Evelyn Rosales

Our local Southland craft brewers took another step toward garnering national respect this past weekend, bringing home eleven medals from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.