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Angel City Brewery Releases Tart Cherry Imperial Wheat In Bottles

AngelCity-TartCherry-22ozComing soon to a shelf near you: Angel City Brewery's newest special bottle release, a nearly-sour tart cherry imperial wheat beer. The Tart Cherry Imperial Wheat is the fifth special bottle release to come out of the year-old brewery and it's the first in the series to be anything lighter than brown. Clocking in at 8.2% ABV, the sweet-meets-sour creation was made by combining an amped up wheat ale with Montmorency cherry juice and dried tart cherries, giving this big-rich beer a slightly pink hue. 

PATRICK RUE of The Bruery


With The Bruery just celebrating their 6th anniversary, Patrick Rue has climbed to the top of the craft beer world in a very short time. Born out of a need for a hobby, Patrick has quickly put Orange County on the craft beer map, helping spark a boom of other craft breweries. This interview is a companion piece to last month’s interview with Tyler King. Beer Paper LA’s Rob Wallace sat down with Patrick to discuss how he got turned onto brewing, the positives and negatives of quick growth, and where The Bruery is looking to go to in the future.

38 Degrees Ale House & Grill: Five Years of Fantastic


On Saturday, June 28, 38 Degrees will celebrate five years of providing a fantastic craft beer selection by hosting what promises to be an epic day of drinking, with many of the best brewers in the state likely to be present and 38 insanely good beers on tap.

Thinking About Beer Glassware for the Home

A couple of weeks back I was attending a large family meal at one of our favorite local craft beer establishments—one that is known for, among other things, its vast selection of glassware. As different beer styles began to arrive at the table, some of our family friends began to inquire why each was being served in a different kind of glass. 

How to Get the Perfect LA Summer Beer Experience

IMG 5918

The long days and warm nights of summer in SoCal represent endless potential for millions living in Los Angeles and beyond. Whether you’re catching waves, soaking in rays, diving, hiking or just enjoying a classic BBQ, there’s one near-universal thing that unifies summer fun for everyone in the Southland: beer.

Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of American macro beer—where only the marketing campaigns change with the seasons—craft beer offers an option for anything a California summer can throw at you. But making the most of the deep ties between beer and summer takes more than raiding the bottle shop for a craft brewery’s summer releases (and let’s face it: many of those summer ales have been sitting on shelves and in warehouses since February).

Everybody wants to have a rad summer. Everyone wants to make some great new memories. One way to ensure you do is to find ways to commemorate those perfect summer moments with the perfect beer. It might sound hokey, but—like pairing beer with food—pairing beer with your environment, your friends or your activities can elevate both the beer and the moment.

The Bruery to Create New Brand and Tasting Room, Bruery Terreux

Placentia’s The Bruery announced this morning via social media outlets and in emails to its Hoarder’s, Reserve and Preservation Society members plans to create a new brand and tasting room to open in Anaheim next year that will be called Bruery Terreux (“Earthy Bruery”).

Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest Is By The People, For The People, About The People

IMG 2878

As the third year of Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival drifts further into recent memory, it's hard to believe that not a single complaint has been logged about it. Even the most organized and prestigious of beer festivals have at times been marred by long lines, impossible bathroom waits, tapped-out beers or lack of food options.

And yet, Invitational remains—and I say this without an ounce of undeserved flattery or hyperbole—perfect.

But, really, what makes the Firestone Walker Invitational so impressive is its not its ability to lure 3 Floyds or Founders to pour beer for a day in California, but the festival's overall emphasis on the brewers themselves—as people, as humans, as real living men and women who have dedicated their lives to creating these bizarre fermented liquids that are driving a global drinks revolution unlike any seen before.

Smog City Brewery Fires Up Bottling Line for Special and Regular Releases

TYLER KING of The Bruery

As one of the people steering the ship at The Bruery, Tyler King helps create some of the most interesting and highly sought after beers in the United States. Even though they have a sack full of medals and awards, they still are pushing further to create new and exciting flavor combinations. Beer Paper LA’s Rob Wallace sat down with King to talk about his love of brewing beer and where The Bruery is looking to go in the future.

4 Orange County Destination Bottle Shops

AGrapesOn a pilgrimage across the Orange County line in hopes of scoring tasting-room-exclusive pours, consider adding a stop at one of these bottle outlets to your trip. Homier than faceless corporate giants and featuring more specialty choices than your store around the corner, there are four spots worth the extra effort.

DRINKING SONGS: Drive By Truckers and The Hold Steady Album Reviews

DriveByTruckersHoldSteadyWelcome to a new and occasional feature where we take some time to look at music to drink beer to. Sometimes we’ll run album reviews, sometimes we’ll ask brewers what they’re brewing to, and sometimes we’ll interview bands who love beer. For the first edition we’re taking a look at a couple of new albums from two of Managing Editor John Verive’s favorite bands.

The Brew Monks: Mobile Canners Now Serving LA Breweries


Space in most craft breweries is at a premium. Desks are wedged into dark closets, holes are cut into buildings for bigger fermentation tanks, and if the space next door becomes free it’s usually gobbled up by bourbon barrels for aging. What is rarely talked about is space for the packaging line: or how the beer gets into bottles or cans so that it can grace the shelf at your local beer shop. How does a brewery get its flagship ale into a bottle or can when there is no room for the equipment, or no extra staff to run it? That is where mobile packaging services come into play, and the Los Angeles area now has the Beer Monks to fill the mobile canning niche. 

Specialty Beer Releases Follow Supply and Demand

It has happened all across the country, from California to Texas to, most recently, Florida: the limited release event gone horribly awry. Whether due to computer server snafus, duplicate tickets or rowdy behavior, these gatherings of beer fans clamouring for access to special brews serve as both a gauge of the popularity of craft beer and as a warning sign that the “old way” of doing business—things that worked great even as recently as a couple years ago—needs to be updated to meet the current demand for supply.

Craft Beer Rising in Downtown Santa Ana


Boasting the only true downtown behind the Orange Curtain, the next city to come into its craft beer adolescence is the county seat, Santa Ana. Between 3rd and 4th streets off Broadway to Main Street,  popping up between dress shops, jewelry stores and beauty outlets, these current or soon-to-be-open locations are building a craft beer hot spot.

South Bay’s Original Brewpubs: Some Swam, Some Sank

redcar2With the city of Torrance booming, beer-wise—as home to five production breweries that came online in the South Bay community in less than as many years (the latest being Absolution Brewing this past March)—it only seems fitting to take a look at that city’s sixth brew-producing venue, a brewpub that predates the oldest of the new guys (Strand Brewing) by almost a decade. Tomm Carroll looks into Red Car Brewery and another former South Bay brewpub, Waterfront, which was a short-lived venue stumbling distance from Naja's Place in Redondo Beach. 

State of the Union: Craftsman Brewing’s Mark Jilg on the LA Craft Beer Scene

Mark6For our first anniversary issue, we wanted to get a status report as to how the LA beer scene is coming along—what’s good, what’s not so good, and what does the future hold? Who better to share his thoughts on the state of everything craft beer in Los Angeles, than Mark Jilg. Beer Paper LA’s Daniel Drennon visited the small headquarters of Craftsman and sat in “the lab” with Mr. Jilg for a two-hour discussion that shows just how serious Mark Jilg is about beer. And how serious he expects us to be. As fast as he could write them down, what follows are Jilg’s always-candid thoughts on the state of the LA beer scene. Welcome to the thoughts of Mark Jilg.